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In the Trees of Sight

A time when a dream caught hold of the heart, held hands, walked closely, with laughter that encircled the flow of air breathed in. A wish that it was not but only a dream, that the waking was not branches … Continue reading

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Good vs. Evil

. You shed tears for losses, soft and full of self-blame as though you should have been there, but couldn’t be saturated in worry of the suffrage, the inevitable weak of love and heart, exactly that to which is sought, … Continue reading

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Life After Death

 Inside quiet where words were a breath of mist on a window pane fading in an echo and disappearing behind a forced smile pretending there was happiness, and the text dripped along the glass slipping below the sill where no … Continue reading

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Not Only In Print

Neither the standard of living nor dying when all the words are kept contained in the heart only to rest over thoughts and dreams, solitary within the mind. The travel left to imagination when once it were eager footsteps in … Continue reading

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I Thought For You

I thought I may blame myself forever, for your self-righteous pride, that I may cry forever, tears you caused…justified. I thought I may be wrong forever, the pain you caused was right, the sleeplessness in a darkened world, was just … Continue reading

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Turning Point

She stops, in a walk backward, to see all it cannot be. A turning point, marks a page as history. With it all some mystery that tells a tale of tomorrow, that places her heart back in, to believe all … Continue reading

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Left to Ruins

She danced in the light of her shadow, echoing footsteps over memory, where a forgotten heart, was left to ruins, as she pulled something, from..maybe nothing…. allowing the soul to see. She smiled at the voice of the unreal, made … Continue reading

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