Loves’ Branches

I wrote this poem, many years ago…maybe 2002 or 2003, thought I’d share here on my last day online for a while (I may have posted again somewhere but it’s been awhile and may have edited once or twice, however this is as it had been originally written.  xoxoxo #love #gratitude

We share an intriguing connection,
in dreams and reality.
In our hearts we find the answers,
a path connecting you and me.

A love so deeply rooted,
branching out to hold us together.
Two souls combined into one,
holding on forever.

Our souls joining you and me.
Our love meets no resistance.
We hold each other closely,
dancing to the music in the distance.

We hold each other close within our hearts,
not wanting to let go.
We’ve planted the seed of love,
like two trees, branches joined, it shall grow.

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About betweenhearts75

Poetry writer, artist, mother, daughter, and friend. Weaving words from the heart, the imagination is the art!
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10 Responses to Loves’ Branches

  1. slpmartin says:

    A beautiful love poem…will miss not seeing you online…best wishes!

  2. Maureen says:

    Yes, “it shall grow”!

    Wishing you peace in your heart and success in all you choose to do.

  3. Donna says:

    a truly pretty and peaceful peace. I know this poem will reflect your life. Very nice indeed.

  4. This is so beautiful and heartfelt. Loved it.

  5. Beautiful, April! Well written! You write so beautifully! :D

  6. So lovely and beautifully penned April, i haven’t been in touch for a while due to family and work but hope all is well my dear and keep up with what you’re doing, all the success your way. I did write something small but just to keep me from being rusty, you’re welcome to see it anytime at the blog :) x

    Wild Rose~

  7. allanbard says:

    Great poem! I usually like only poetry in fantasy/sci-fi stories, genre (like in Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit), but poems like yours prove it doesn’t matter in which genre a poem is written… Keep the good work going!
    Your poem proves the well-known fact that Love can do even impossible things, defeat the most horrible armies, rejuvenate any man or woman, make nations happy, change worlds, etc… It reminded me of the happy end of my 1st book and how amazed i was when I finished it… Let this short poem of mine be a gift for you:

    Love and happiness will be around,
    as all the chains will disappear,
    and Mountaineers will climb their mount
    and there won’t be any tear! from my Tale Of the Rock Pieces.

  8. moondustwriter says:

    My dear friend – that kind of love can happen in so many ways: with friends, lovers, family
    your eyes see beauty and have to express in your art

    Love you!!!

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