Beyond Barriers (Collaboration ~ Diana Lee photography)

“The Capture” by Diana Lee.

This heart
placed to an outside wall
of what was once considered to be a home.
Portions of what could be
hollowed out
to rest there alone.
With all the metal scrap
fenced in
this placement
growing old
before the color
can even begin to fade,
this “life” made.
Something still stirs
in the softness of felt,
like a blanket of warmth
covered in red,
that still holds a dream,
the fabric of truth
held tightly in each fine thread,
that sees beyond this caged in view,
that feels far more scattering through,
that can break through the barriers,
fill up this space
and bring back the meaning
of love
of home
to this heart’s empty view,
freeing from this confined place.

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This post is also for OneStopPoetry’s OneShot Wednesday ~ an awesome place for poets, writers, and artists to meet, get inspired, inspire others CHECK THEM OUT! Sure to bring you a smile!!!

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19 Responses to Beyond Barriers (Collaboration ~ Diana Lee photography)

  1. Thank you April, for writing such ‘heartfelt’ words around my heart :) It’s one of my own favorite photos and your words are the perfect fit for it. xx

  2. Thank you Diana you know I loved this!!!! Incredible imagery that sets so much thought within it, so glad to have had the honor to write for it. I’m so glad you liked this and felt it fitting hun, that part is soooo important! =)) XOXO!

  3. kez says:

    great picture and great words thank you

  4. wolfsrosebud says:

    The flow is beautiful in this piece.

  5. Donna says:

    I know how personal this poem must be to you. Just a wonderful piece! Great job.

  6. moondustwriter says:

    What a delightful collaboration you two!

    A feeling of warmth still remains in that heart

    love from the moon

  7. Katherine says:

    Lovely collaboration. It feels a melancholy poem, but the flow is nice.

  8. dustus says:

    This is a great collaboration from two individuals I esteem. The poetry and image work dynamically. I love the lines “Something still stirs / in the softness of felt,” A great turning point in the poem for a “felt heart” that wants to breakout from being captured. In turn, perfect photo for the poetic sentiment.

  9. Gidyean says:

    Hi April,
    This one is another very touching blog that I can feel
    so familiar with. It makes my heart know that there are
    pulses that exist for which we are drawn to. An inherent knowing of
    what we need to take comfort in feeling so many similarities.
    Thank you my friend :-)
    btw I’ve changed my blog over to the link above for some privacy reasons.
    Please follow me there if you like.

  10. brian says:

    nice blend of the picture and your words…free this heart, make it beat once more…may your heart always be full…

  11. janice kelly says:

    your photo is poetry in its own right, just gazing at it my mind envisions an endless array of the many fragments of love…the tangled heart…your poem moved mountains and pulled at my heart strings…how could it not with such amazing imagery and sensitive and delicate sentiment…i am in awe of your writing and lost in its depth…i joined one shot wednesday to learn…and there is an infinite amount of learning to discover here reading poems such as yours…your poem is an open honest view of your heart and i do believe you’ve set your heart free from its confined place…absolutely beautiful writing…

  12. April,

    I loved reading this poem, your choice of structure allowed me to set my flow, and it just drew me along. A pleasure to read.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. C Rose says:

    A great collaborative post, so many homes are broken, empty and neglected and that love is essence. I thought you delivered a beautiful tempo and form and your expression was touching. ~ Rose

  14. Love this piece April and the collaborative efforts of creative individuals. Beautiful, you never cease to impress me!

  15. nothing moves more than
    departed dreams, from station
    we see red caboose

  16. janiek28 says:

    wonderful words of hope and encouragement.

  17. Great skill. I’ve been writing about red lately too. Loved this. I’ll try to be back for more.

  18. dani says:

    i love your words… so perfect for Diana’s wonderful photograph. ♥

  19. beezknez says:

    Really so wonderful you are both like a velvet pillow to my mind your words sweet April and Diana photography just melt into our hearts the reader always beez :)

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