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A Weary Traveler

Frost settling upon the window glass,crystallizing, as the night grew colder.The fire crackling, warmth inside the old cabin,as she pulled the soft cotton comforter over her shoulder.She stared out the window as though awaiting something, someone,that could somehow rescue her … Continue reading

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Tears on Love’s Lake

The wind, still, and quiet upon the heart.The cool blue lake, motionless reflection.A tear falls, the drop quietly hits the water,creating a circle, that shimmers outward,in endless movement,in tranquil connection.Many tears in long past years,have filled this lake so serene,stopping … Continue reading

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Dearest Heart, Dear Soul

Dearest heart, why must you break in tides on ocean currents,fluid transparencies of life’s lonely epiphanies,pulled into dreams on love’s moon gravities,on thought seas. Dear soul, you know the answer to the ever-flowing question,because you remain afloat to still view … Continue reading

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Peaceful Pleasures Past

A golden field with wisps of long grasses, to and fro the air flowing gently along in slow motion, moving.Dandelions and the soft fluff of white drifting upward in circles,as a dragonfly hums by.A small cottage in the distance,and further … Continue reading

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An Old Book

Dust upon the old book.A silken ribbon marking a page,to which handwritten words professed heart,in calligrapher’s pen,of love,in a forgotten age. Each page fragile.A leaf nearing the end of Autumn, crisp and breaking.A tired and worn binding of soft leather,tied to … Continue reading

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