A drumming in the distance,
beating in the same manner as the heart
The echo within to discover true self,
that has felt worlds apart.

It is ancient
this path of recollection,
like a warrior that has laid his bow to rest
at sunset
for the sake of love,
this earth and soul’s connection.

Following the horizon
led by the four winds, the elements breathe true
carrying their knowledge
handing it to you.

If you listen…
listen carefully

Feel a presence
in the silence…full of voices
that whisper
Chanting of hope and belief,

wading through the rivers that carry those tears
to some forgotten land
your very own heart
led by your own hand.

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My Trip, Part 5

Originally posted on Jamesrinalduccijazz's Blog:

I pulled into Albany around 3:30 on Saturday afternoon.  Took some time to catch up and scout an area to play.  I was talking to a fellow in the coffee shop about what I was doing there and asked where a good spot may be.  He told me a couple of different places.  I went to the closer location first and saw there wasn’t much going.  I found that kind of odd for a Saturday night in a big city.  I went to the second location and went up and down the street twice and found a place and looked for a spot to play.  I found both relatively quickly.  

I got out on Lark Ave and saw there was a lot happening in the way of people walking by and having a good time.  I set up and started my warm up improv as I always do.  Almost…

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Drawing Paths


along a wooded path
blanketed in leaves
a soft mist of morning
falls over each hill.
A sketch pad in hand.
Here before
long ago
in a place where the heart still fully believes.

There is something
beyond the stone wall
that I stand beside.
Feel a hand in mine
that holds my heart
with a smile
catches me in laughter
when I fall.

I draw
in the light of the morning star
within my soul
and though at times it seems
I had lost these dreams
somehow it is realized
they may not be so far.

There is still a hill to climb
a stone wall to get by
and the sketch full of wonder
wandering in memory
seems to answer these questions
So I draw in the bird
that continues to fly.

April Higney Mobile

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Tears to Paint

Tears solidified
like blue paint streaks
along a canvas.
Heavy consistency
that left their mark
in some lasting impression
a textured scar of lessons learned.
A background in a dreamer’s horizon
trust blurred
to abstract
where only the painter
can fully comprehend
all meaning within and beyond
each line
of trust
and each color added
to bring all meant to be
back together
with reason.


April Higney Mobile

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Unbreak These Windows

Unbreak these windows
that use to see so clear
blinded now in shattered dreams
that use to live in here.

Such a warm sense to cold
how it feeds on frailty knowingly
spackling with words like a repair
then drawing back a breath
consuming what already feels empty.

So the pain isn’t quite the same
sudden break without a clue
and the glass is turning back to sand
and all that is left
is time to sift through.

April Higney Mobile

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Damaged Goods

Strange it seems the time it takes to build something special,
and only mere moments to tear that very structure apart,
and money the root of so much evil,
people sell out their own families
and love…
well that is a delusional sense of reality
if trusting in those who contain no heart.

Plans made
to falter
squandered away on empty promises and lies
and the truly hopeful loving hearts are burdened of unknowing
and told they hold
but unjustified cries.

Holding tightly
to their gold
and all the material gain.
Hollowed out eyes bearing a smile
roses in one hand
a noose in the other
either way sharp as a thorn
caring nothing for causing pain.

In the end
they’ll find themselves alone
speaking to the shadow
on yesterday’s falling sun
gripping tightly to some figure of worship
after all the damage is done.


April Higney Mobile

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In the Trees of Sight


A time when a dream caught hold of the heart,
held hands,
walked closely,
with laughter
that encircled the flow of air
breathed in.

A wish
that it was not but only a dream,
that the waking
was not
that forgot
the feel
in heart
flowing within.

Searching for a moment
of truth to a dream,
painted as it were believed,
and believed
as it could ever

Caught light
in the trees
of sight
spoken of yesterday
that drift through tomorrow,
a smile
as life
something far greater
than the dream alone,
in the truth
of a dream
held together,
walked closely with laughter,
encircled the air,
breathed in,
the continuity,
of belief
to heart.

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